7 Reasons to Greenify Your Home The Eco Experts Blog

There are loads of reasons to go green at home, some of which are obvious and some of which you have probably never thought of. Here are our top tips to get you started:

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

- The first and most obvious reason is that greenifying your home will reduce the negative impact you have on the environment. You will reduce your carbon footprint and help to secure the future for the next generation.

Save Money

– Going green saves you money. At first you will have to spend a little money, but you will soon find that the green equipment you buy soon pays for itself. You will save money on your power bill and if you install solar panels can even make money in the long run.

Add Value To Your Home

- The greener your home is the higher the value of your home is and the easier it is to sell should you want to.

It Is Fun

– Learning about new ways to go green is interesting and is something the whole family can get involved in. Some jobs like insulating the loft are not much fun, but others like growing your own veg or keeping chickens can be great fun, especially for young children.

Your Home Is More Comfortable

– If your home is well insulated it will be draft free, naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A vegetable garden adds colour to your garden. Many green technologies look good too and add to the general ambience of your home.

Health Benefits

- A green home is often a healthier environment. Eliminating drafts and the ability to keep your home at a constant temperature helps to guard you and your family against chills and colds. Using organic fabrics and materials in your home eliminates lots of chemicals from your day to day life, which is also good for your health. Eating home grown or organic fruit and vegetables as they are in season is also far healthier than eating non-organic or processed fruit and vegetables.

Contribute To Your Community

– Going green at home not only benefits you and your family, but also helps the community at large. When you spend money on green technology or take the time to re-cycle you are contributing to the green economy which is providing more and more new jobs every year. The fact that you re-cycle not only reduces your carbon footprint it also ensures land that would have otherwise been used for landfill is left free for use for something that benefits the community.

Greenifying your home guarantees that you and your family live in a comfortable, affordable home and helps to ensure that the environment outside of your home is cleaner, healthier and more beautiful as well.

Make a promise to yourself to begin to greenify your home immediately. Do so one project at a time and you will enjoy doing it and it will be far more affordable as a result.

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