Behind the scenes of The Eco Experts stop motion animation

Solar panel installation - The Eco Experts stop motion

We've made a stop motion solar panel installation film - probably a world first.

It was Ian Wright's idea - one of our Eco Experts, not the footballer.

And so, early last Friday, Ian took his toybox into the meeting room and didn't come out until the end of the day.

The film tells the story of Brad, who is having solar panels installed on his roof at 15 Greenview Drive. While the work is completed, Brad sits in his garden in his swivel chair, drinking coffee. The installers do an excellent job in next to no time, and the film draws to a close with everyone admiring their handiwork and enjoying a sizzling barbecue.

Above: The finished film.

Below: The film set comprised of a complete house and garden, life-size (in proportion to the actors) and fitted with a fully functional door bell.

On the set of the Eco Experts stop motion
This is what dreams are made of

Above: on set with the actors, between takes during the famous barbecue scene at the end of the film.

Stop motion is an animation technique - eg Wallace & Gromit - that means painstakingly capturing lots of very slightly different pictures, instead of filming continuously. To make his solar panel stop motion Ian took over 1,500 individual photographs.

Brad relaxing between takes

Above: the actor who plays Installer #1 gives a wave after shooting the installation scene.
Right: Ian directed his actors mostly by pointing. They say he's not easy to work with.

Ian demands big performances from his actors

The actors have been praised for their stirring performances and are tipped for great things at this years Oscars. Ian premiered his debut feature in the kitchen this morning, and made the following statement: "It was a pleasure to work with such professionals. The actor who plays Brad has something of the young Brando about him, but the stars of the show has to be the installers - the camera loves them."

Thanks to Nick Smith for making the film -

A long days filming...

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