Five Reasons Why 2013 Was a Great Green Year

2013 set a new record for global carbon emissions, increasing with 2.1%. That means roughly 40 billion tons of CO2 has been released around the world.

BUT DON'T DESPAIR, many things happened in 2013 that have made the world a little greener too! From local to global events, The Eco Expert’s have listed their top five favourite green developments from 2013, and what to expect in 2014:

1.You are what you eat

We’re becoming increasingly aware of what we are eating and where it is coming from. Opting for organic and locally sourced food, young Brits under 35, are leading the way towards more sustainable eating habits.

2. Ridin’ not so Dirty

The ever-growing popularity of cycling continues, with the number of cyclists just in London exceeding over 500,000 people a day! Cycling has become so common that a Cycling Commissioner was appointed in London earlier this year.

3.Let the sun shine

Installation of solar panels across the UK continue, with up to 2,000 being installed per week! In the U.S. President Obama finally installed solar panels on the White House, something which he had promised to do back in 2010. This sends a loud message from the U.S, who together with China, is the largest producer of carbon dioxide emissions.

4.Flying close to the Sun

The Solar Impulse Project is currently doing a 72 hour Trans-Atlantic flight simulation. This is in preparation of the 2015 around the world flight in a plane running entirely on solar energy.

5. The wheels on the bus

The world’s first electronic buses started running in South Korea. The Online Electronic Vehicles (OLEV) are being used for public transportation in the city of Gumi. The buses pick up electricity through a wireless system from the tracks they run on.

There’s plenty to be excited about in 2014 too

Here are just 3 reasons to be hope ful about the year ahead ...

1.No more plastic water bottles?

2013 saw the end of plastic bags throughout San Francisco. The ban which started by targeting larger supermarkets in 2007 has now come into full effect, eliminating any trace of plastic bags in the city. With that hurdle overcome, San Francisco is now planning on introducing a legislation which will ban plastic water bottles at concerts, large events, parks, food trucks and on all city properties with leases signed after 2014.

2.Zero-emission buses in London

Electric buses will be running in London in a bid to reduce costs and emission. Alongside currently trialling buses which run on cooking oil, 1,700 zero emission buses are set to be running by 2016.

3.The Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will be introduced across England, Scotland and Wales. By generating heat through renewable heating technologies, homeowners will be able to earn money back. Scheduled to come into effect in the Spring, the RHI is the first incentive for renewable heat in the world.

Here’s to an even greener 2014!

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