Government Set To Appeal One More Time

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced the Government’s plan to appeal the two earlier court rulings that deemed its cuts to the feed in tariffs (FITs) unlawful.

Try, try, try again...

In December, an alliance of solar companies Solarcentury and HomeSun, and environmental group Friends of the Earth won the first case against the Government, and then won the appeal in January.
Solarcentury Chairman Jeremy Leggett has released an email statement,
“If we are lucky this is just a cynical exercise to limit the market to 3rd March and they will withdraw in a few weeks”.

The Government has already adjusted its FITs scheme to tie in other energy efficiency requirements. In March the FITs rate will drop, then from April households will have to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of at least D.
In October the Green Deal will kick in and it's likely to come accompanied by a host of other adjustments designed to nudge the UK into a more sustainable model. The reason for the back-and-forth is the scheme being far more popular than the Government budgeting for.

A Smart Investment That Brings 10% ROI

The FITs reductions are currently due on March 3rd, but even with this lower 21pkW rate solar PV installations are widely regarded as a smart investment that can bring in a tax-free and index-linked 10% annual return on investment.
Keep an eye on the Eco Experts for more information on solar PV.

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