Green Schools and Offices Increase Productivity

Working in an environmentally friendly building has many positive outcomes according to various academic and charity sources.

Cutting down on air-con and instead opening windows can increase productivity by 11%.

Doing something as simple as adding plants to an office or classroom can lead to a 38% increase in productivity, 45% creativity increase and 47% increase in staff well-being.

Not just that, having a green building helps employees or pupils free prouder about their workplace and it increases the appeal to investors.

A spokesperson from said: “Going green doesn’t have to be a huge refurbishment. It could be small steps like making a conscious effort to turn down heating and not leave lights on, or it could be much bigger steps like installing solar panels. Either way as the findings show, the more you do the better the effect on the people in the building.”

The findings were released as World Green Building Week starts today (September 16).

Paul King, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, said: “People tend to think about green buildings in terms of their logistical environmental impact and their energy efficiency, carbon emissions and use of sustainable materials.

“But this week will shine a light on the benefits to the people who use the buildings, whether they are their homes, offices, schools or hospitals. It is really about making green and sustainability needs the norm.”

The UK Green Building Council believe:
• Green buildings make better places to live, work and play.
• By improving indoor and outdoor environmental quality, green buildings help us to create healthier places to live – from our homes, offices, schools and hospitals to entire cities.
• Green buildings can improve wellbeing and quality of life for everyone in the community.

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