Ikea To Make All Its Own Energy By 2020

IKEA will only use energy it has generated itself from renewable sources as part of a £multi-million investment, dubbed People and Planet Positive.

The flatpack furniture giants announced the eco-friendly move last week, stating it will produce as much energy as it uses by 2020.

Between 2009 to 2015 the Swedish chain will invest 1.5 billion euros in The Eco Experts and wind power, in the hope that by 2020, they will be producing enough energy to cover all their own demands.

Mikael Ohlsson, President and CEO, IKEA Group said: “We want to create a better every day for the many people. A better life includes living more sustainabley.

“We have been working towards that goal for many years and have already done a lot, and we are now ready to take the next big step. People and Planet Positive will help us to do that; transforming our business and having an even greater positive impact on the world."

A spokesperson from energy efficiency specialists The Eco Experts said: “It is fantastic that the world’s largest furniture retailer has taken this step and we hope other companies and businesses look to Ikea and replicate their good work.

“As we see the cost of fossil fuel bills rise higher and higher it is so important to look to clean, renewable sources of energy instead. We fully support Ikea and there move to be completely self-sufficient by 2020.”

The retailer will also grow more trees and will limit sales by 2016 to energy-efficient products including induction cookers and LED light bulbs.

Ikea already owns wind farms in six European nations and has 342,000 solar panels on its stores, warehouses and factories that generate 27 percent of the group's electricity.

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