Indonesia Home to the Most Endangered Mammals in the World

Here at The Eco Experts we believe that we are all responsible for maintaining the ecosystem of our planet, part of this is ensuring that we are living sustainably alongside nature. As part of this project, we crunched the numbers to identify which areas have the most mammals at risk of extinction. Find out more below:


The research reveals the number of mammals that are currently endangered in 217 countries across the globe and which specific species are close to extinction in each of these regions.

Key Findings: East Asia & The Pacific

The study revealed that with 188 endangered mammals listed in its territory, Indonesia has the highest number of endangered species - 173 more than the average of 15 per country.

In fact, the report shows that the wider East Asia & Pacific region has the greatest number of endangered species combined than any other area with some 918 species of mammals at risk. Animals in danger of extinction in this region include the Bengal tiger, the Sumatran orangutan, the Asian elephant and the Sumatran rhino to name a few.

Key Findings: Africa

Madagascar, a huge island off the south-east coast of Africa, ranked in second position with 120 mammals considered at risk, making it the worst performing country in the continent. Madagascar is home to thousands of mammalian species, 92% of which exist nowhere else on Earth including the ring-tailed lemur, made famous by the popular family animation film ‘Madagascar’ which is now classified as critically endangered on the island.

Key Findings: Europe & The Americas

Europe has the fewest endangered mammals overall with the UK ranking in 41st place where there are only 10 vulnerable species. Mexico performed the worst out of the Northern American countries with 96 endangered mammals compared to the US’s 35 and Canada’s 14. The Caribbean islands of Central America were all under the average, except Panama which is home to 16 endangered mammals.

Check out the map infographic below for more information on the countries with the most endangered mammals.

Countries with the Most Endangered Mammals

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