Nimby-ism Slashes Renewable Energy Support In Half

THE ATTRACTIVENESS of renewable energy halves as soon as residents think a wind-farm could be built near them.

A Department of Energy and Climate Change poll found that 82% of the public supported renewable energy, however this figure dropped to about half if the renewables would be near their home.

Despite this nimby-ism, the results have shown the strongest support for renewables so far, with most respondents in favour of its use to provide electricity, fuel and heat.

However, people must need to learn to love wind farms if the government is to hit its 2020 target of supplying 15% of the nation’s energy consumption with energy from renewables.
In 2011 only 3.8% of energy used came from renewables.
Suggestions on how to do this include providing greater incentives to local people, who feel their day to day life may be disrupted.

An Eco Experts spokesperson said: “It is extremely positive that 82% of people in the UK support renewable energy. Let’s not forget that wind power is not the only way of generating renewable energy. Some people may think they are eyesores, but there is also the option of solar panels or solar farms instead.

“The DECC report shows an increasing number people think renewables are important and a good thing. If we look at Europe, Denmark and Germany ensure that local people get some share of the renewables farm’s benefits, and perhaps if we did this in the UK, we would see less protesting against projects in residents’ ‘back yards’. These findings are extremely positive and I look forward to seeing this positive trend continue.”

The data was collected between March 27 and 31 2013 using face-to-face in-home interviews with a representative sample of 2,051 households in the UK.

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