Norwegian Eco-house produces more energy than it consumes

An incredible newly built eco-house is so efficient it actually creates double the energy it uses.

The property, located in Larvik, Norway boasts a plot of 220m² which includes an outdoor pool and atrium both of which are kept heated from the excess energy production. The estimated power surplus is expected to be enough to fuel an electric car for up to one year.

The experimental home is a collaborative project between the Research Centre for Zero Emissions Buildings (ZEB) and Oslo-based architecture firm SnØhetta.

The project was launched to demonstrate the greater potential of ecological living and the need for the construction industry to drive towards more sustainable building strategies. It has been designed to incorporate contemporary-chic aesthetics and smart building materials with excellent thermal attributes. The key objective was to ensure that comfort and zero-energy consumption were equally determining factors in the development of the design. eco house

Using a combination of photovoltaic and solar-thermal panels with underground energy wells, the property will produce over 23,000Kw/h of electricity per year – almost more than twice the energy it consumes. The roof panels have been built at a southeast facing tilt of 19° enabling natural ventilation.

The trends of plus-houses are on the increase in Norway - could this mark the start of all future homes being self-sufficient power-hubs? Will our individual carbon footprints become more measurable by the amount of power given back to the electric grid?

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