Solar Panel Installation Leaps 40%

THE NUMBER of solar panels installed last week was almost double the amount installed the week before.

The latest stats from the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) show 1,615 domestic installations took place in the week ending December 2.

The last week of November saw 1,137.

A spokesperson from the Eco Experts said: “If you look at the number of domestic installations that took place over the year you always get a huge leap just before a decrease in feed-in-tariff.

“The fact that there was a 40% increase in solar panels installed last week is great news for the renewable energy industry.

It also means that people can power their home throughout the winter without using quite so much fossil fuels. Everyone can enjoy a lovely sustainable Christmas.

“It is a shame people worry about the feed-in-tariff dropping, as actually the ROI is the same now as it was earlier in the year, thanks to the price of panels themselves and installation costs dropping.”

Ofgem has confirmed there will not be a further FiT drop until May, 2013.

So far the busiest month this week this year was the week beginning March 4 just before the feed-in-tariff was reduced.
27,604 panels were installed.

The quietest week began August 12 when just 718 panels were installed and while the sunny spells should have inspired people to invest in capturing the rays, in actual fact another drop in Feed-in-Tariff seems to have caused the drop from 4,027 the week before.

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