Solar Panel Installs Leap 700% Last Two Years

SOLAR panel installations have leapt more than 700% in the last two years.

In 2011 about 45,000 homes installed solar panels but my January this year, this had increased to a massive 370,000 homes.

The recent cold spell and a future of uncertain supply seems to have generated more and more interest in renewable energy.

Karen Hird who runs Solar and Green, a family run business based in Yorkshire said she saw a sharp rise in the number of people installing solar panels.

She said: “It’s not surprising really as it offers security in terms of fuel bills, allows homeowners to be self-sustaining and enjoy a second income. It’s also an enabler when it comes to doing their bit in protecting the environment. The savings can be phenomenal as it’s possible to run the central heating from solar panels, cutting back on gas bills.”

A spokesperson from said: “It is not surprising to us at all that there has been such a huge increase in installations in the UK. While energy price continue to rise and rise, those who have solar panels can be smug in the knowledge that not only are they getting their energy for free, they are also receiving a feed-in-tariff it.

“Currently solar panel owners are looking to receive an ROI of 13%, higher than your high street bank.”

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