Why Does Autumn Sunlight Look Different?

EVER WONDERED why the sunlight in Autumn has a golden quality?

Autumn is this writer’s favourite season thanks to its wonderful golden light. As well as powering our homes with sunlight using PV panels we can energise and nourish ourselves using the sun, which behaves differently in the Autumn from fellow seasons Spring, Summer and Winter. So here is a brief explanation of what makes Autumn the gilded season.

The seasons change according to the Earth’s tilt as it orbits the sun. Wherever you live in the world, your summertime means the sun is shining directly overhead and the light quality will be like a splash of brightness. When summer melts into autumn we see golden light because Earth has tilted: now the rays of light we receive are longer, slanted beams that gleam and cast long shadows.

Solar panels work just as well during this gleaming Autumn light as in summer, by the way. Remember: photovoltaics are powered by light, not heat... So they can keep you warm in the winter too.

Autumn light

Above: Picture taken by SignalPAD.

Above: Picture taken by SallyB2.

Above: Picture taken by SallyB2.

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