World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Will Power 20,000 Homes

A WIND turbine taller than London’s Shard is hoped to power between 15,000 and 20,000 homes.

The Technical University of Denmark is coordinating the project which will see the 1,100 foot structure built in the sea.

The turbine’s blades will each be 410ft long and it will sit on a 700ft tower, costing the EU £25 million.

It will be the world’s biggest wind turbine at an incredible seven times higher than Nelson’s Column and the scientists behind it predict it will power thousands of homes each year.

The project was approved by the EU at the end of last year. It will run for five years.

According to theThe Telegraph Peter Hjuler Jensen of the Technical University of Denmark said:

“This is something we will see in the coming years. Everybody would like these to be built within 10 years.”

He added the US’ Great Plains would be ideal locations for more of them, the biggest wind turbines are currently capable of producing about 8MW using blades about 180ft long.

A spokesperson from said: “This is a very brave project and we will be interested to see how it pans out. We are obviously supportive of any renewable energy project and hope this works out.”

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